Get Paid For Posting Article


APSense is a business social network where people get paid to come together to share their business. We enable users to share their business through networking, exploring and creating quality business content.

Get Paid For Sharing Links


Linkbucks is the first ad network that recognizes this valuable contribution, and pays web users for the "buzz" they generate.

Earn instant cash and prizes for completing offers


Prize Live is a pay-per-action membership site that allows members to earn cash and game credits through such activities as clicking on advertiser links and completing offers. Members can earn cash and credits from their own activities and the activities of their downlines.

In Content Link Market Place


inLinks are static HTML advertisements located within content areas of websites. It is simply the most natural paid link on the market.

In Content Link Market Place


Adzly is a full-scale professional advertising network where you choose the market category and the network automatically finds the perfect prospects for your ads.

In Content Link Market Place

ZPAG.ES - ZIP YOUR LINKS AND MAKE MONEY! a completely new URL shortener, and gives you a great overview of statistics, which URLs that "does good" and which that does not generate any revenue, etc.

Updates from Blogsvertise - Advertise on Blogs Ad Service

What's Blogsvertise?
Blogsvertise is an advertising site that hires bloggers to write about advertiser businesses and websites and pays them for their writing. This program brings bloggers and journal writers together with businesspeople, allowing the bloggers to make extra money and the businesspeople to get more exposure for and traffic to their websites.

How does it Work?
  • Blogsvertise assign tasks to registered members with the internet website address and what to talk about on their blog. The topics/tasks will be simply emailed to you once your account registration is approved.
  • You follow the ad instructions assigned to you in your blog about the website advertiser. The instructions will specify how the ad should be placed on your blog. We offer a variety of advertising income opportunities for bloggers.
  • In exchange Blogsvertise Pays YOU in paypal per blog ad, for advertising about the advertisers internet web site. Payouts are automatically sent to you after your ad is approved and the payout period has passed.
Don't have a blog, but want to join Blogsvertise? First setup your own blog, by using one of these free blog resources. Once you have setup your blog, you need to compose some entries in your online journal. Once you've setup your blog / journal you can then register for an account to begin making money with Blogsvertise.

What's New at Blogsvertise?
  • New Blogsvertise Facebook App
    Blogsvertise has added an experimental new Facebook app that will allow bloggers to take advantage of opportunities using Social Media. With this app, bloggers can receive alerts indicating that they have new tasks or that new grab bags are available, connect with other bloggers, and get paid extra for becoming a fan of an advertiser's page. These are just a few of the new features. To read more information about our new app, click here, or join the Facebook app by clicking here.
  • Suggestions for Getting More Tasks
    Many advertisers like to use blogs with a lot of original content. If you're looking to get more tasks, there are a few things you can do to make your blog stand out to advertisers.
    1. Make your own layout - instead of using the default layout, design your own. For example, use your own image for the banner at the top.
    2. Include original pictures in your posts
    3. Most importantly: Write unique content about your life or related to your blog's niche. Don't just write paid reviews, mix it up. Space out your tasks with several posts relevant to your blog's topic.
    These are just a few things you can do to get more tasks. For more tips, you can read this article about ways to increase your tasks.
  • Update Your Profile to Write for Local Businesses
    Are you interested in writing for more local businesses? A few months ago, we added a new feature that allows bloggers to receive tasks based on their location. In other words, we can send tasks for more local businesses that are relevant to you and your readers. To help us match tasks to your location, please update your state and zip code. If you live outside the United States, please update your region and postal code.
Signup for free, What are you waiting for? Be a part of Blogsvertise Family!


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